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Why kinder Joy?

  • Experience of more than 13 years,treating more than thousands of patients.
  • The Lab (The Heart of our IVF Program) are equipped with state-of-the
    art technology, fully modular laboratory with international standard workstations and all machinery.
  • Highly Trained staffed by highly trained professionals in this field.
  • We provide a complete ART package,IUI, follicular monitoring, IVF, ICSI,IMSI,TESA including oocyte freezing , EMBRYO freezing , FET donor egg , donor sperm cycles.
  • Our vitrification results are 90% embryo thaw recovery and 90% pregnancy rate on 3 attempts.
  • We achieved 90% pregnancy rate after 3 attempts.
  • The most affordable cost of the treatment.
  • Different Payment Plans to make treatment affordable and within reach of every required patient.
  • Fertility enhancing surgeries & laparoscopy Hysteroscopy under one roof.
  • In house experienced Neonatologist with level lll NICU and in house birthing facilities present with all kind of accommodation.
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What You Need To Know About IVF Center

Because We See People, Not Just Patients

“Fertility have challenged us but we are stronger for it”.

Kinder Joy welcomes you, which guides and confides in you every step of the way, because we value the emotional well-being of our patients, with that, we also understand the toll that difficulty in conception can take on you. At Kinder Joy Fertility & IVF Center, we offer a complete range of infertility treatments under a single roof. We are providing world-class treatment facilities with low-cost packages with a high success rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IVF procedures are generally painless as patients are administered with anesthesia if required. Some patients may feel slight discomfort for a short time or a tingling sensation that subsides quickly.

A fertility specialist can help determine why you are having difficulty and offer possible treatment options to help you conceive.

  • Couple who is trying for pregnancy for one year and didn’t conceive

  • Irregular menses

  • Blocked tubes

  • Late marriage

  • Male factor consult us & find out where the problem is

The specialists at Kinder Joy IVF Center can assist you better in understanding your eligibility for IVF procedures.

There is no definitive answer to this question. The success rates of IVF might range from 40 to 50 percent, depending on your age and other circumstances. At Kinder Joy IVF, we strive for success in the first or second IVF cycle.

Failures in the IVF cycle are not uncommon and are unavoidable in some situations. We adopt stringent procedures and closely check the efficacy of the treatment. IVF needs some patience, but with the right advice and luck, a couple may quickly become pregnant within two to three IVF cycles.

We are here to help.

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Success Stories

Our Kinder Joys

Exceptional service and success! Choosing Kinderjoy at Mimani Hospital was the best decision we made on our fertility journey. The positive and supportive environment made the process more manageable. Thanks for the all process.

Prince Chugh

Professionalism meets compassion! Our journey with Kinderjoy was marked by the highest level of medical expertise and genuine care. The team took the time to explain every step, answer all our questions, and provide emotional support.

Silvi Mehta
Model Town

Grateful beyond words! The team at Kinderjoy gave us hope when we needed it most. The doctors, nurses, and staff are not only skilled professionals but also compassionate and understanding. Thankyou !!

Akhil Kumar

Thank you KinderJoy IVF. I’ve never seen such a great medical team. I owe my thanks to my doctor and staff for providing me with the best possible treatment. The staff were very friendly and helpful when I arrived.

Priya Bhatt
31 years

I would like to thank all the staff at Kinder Joy Fertility. Your treatment and care have been excellent and I am 100% satisfied. Dr. Priyanka Singh Mimani, I will never forget you for your unforgettable gift in my life.

Shubha Jain
29 years

We are highly satisfied with the treatment we received here…especially the kind words of Doctors and the staff, who are extremely understanding of the stress their patients might be experiencing.

Manny Chaudhary
35 years
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