Process of

Embyo Freezing & Embyo Transfer

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) is a cycle wherein frozen incipient organisms from your prior IVF cycle are defrosted and moved into your uterus. You can build your possibilities of pregnancy per egg recovery with frozen incipient organism moves, setting aside you time and cash assuming you want a few cycles to get pregnant. That is the reason frozen incipient organism move treatment has turned into a more well known choice to consider prior to beginning another new IVF cycle because of further developed achievement rates.

  • Step 1 – FET preparation:To set up the endometrial coating, we start with estrogen pills and afterward progesterone following a couple of days. We use ultrasound to screen your advancement, and assuming everything looks great, we will plan the undeveloped organism move technique.
  • Step 2 – Embryo transfer: We will cautiously defrost your undeveloped organisms in our research facility five days in the wake of beginning progesterone. The incipient organism will then, at that point, be moved into your uterus utilizing ultrasound innovation to embed and form into a sound child.
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